Hayley, Anthony & Lachlan Smith



Anthony graduated in 1978 from the University of Melbourne. He was offered a job in Box Hill and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Cambridge.  Anthony started work and deferred the PhD offer.

Anthony realised his future was in private practice, and he purchased his first practice in Camberwell Junction in 1979. It had been founded by Frank Slade in 1928, so our history goes back 90 years with one change of owner.  The Moonee Ponds practice was purchased in 1996.

Anthony married Heather and has 2 children (Hayley and Lachlan) who are both Optometrists.

Hayley has worked for many years at OPSM, Specsavers, and several private practices in both the city and the country. Consequently, Hayley has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to the Camberwell practice. Hayley is married to Fergus and has 2 children.

Lachlan is both an Audiologist and Optometrist. He is the only person in Australia with both qualifications. Lachlan worked as an Audiologist in Queensland for 2 years. He realised he wanted to work in his own practice and he started Smith Eye and Ear Solutions within his father’s Optometry practice in Moonee Ponds. Lachlan worked and completed his Optometry Masters degree, married Liz, and has 2 children. Lachlan now performs eye and ear consultations in both practices.

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Our Camberwell practice has its own lens fitting lab, which enables us to fit almost all spectacles, in house. We can fit new lenses to your frame without having to send them away.

After 35 plus years in business we have a large network of people that we can access.

If a referral to an ophthalmologist is sought we are very well placed to advise you who is the most appropriate surgeon for you. Sometimes a G.P. will refer to “the local ophthalmologist” but a Macular Degeneration referral is very different to a glaucoma referral.

We know the best people.

Whether it is how to repair a broken frame or who to recommend for cataract surgery.


Our Office Managers, Suzy and Jessica have been with us for many years. In fact it is worth noting that almost every staff member has remained with us for many years. The main reason seems to be that it is a pleasant place to work.

So pop in for chat, try on some new specs or sunnies, your sure to enjoy the experience.

If you’ve never tried contact lenses before, we can try them on you. It’s a free service. It’s nice to do something you’ve never done before, especially when it costs you nothing.

We also have a collection box for “old “glasses at each practice. These pre-loved glasses are used in overseas aid programs, so bring in any old glasses gathering dust in a drawer at home. Anthony and Lachlan have participated in volunteer programs in Asia and South America, and have seen at first hand the value of these donated glasses.