Sound Waves



Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is a condition detected in children that impairs their ability to make sense of what they hear. A child with CAPD may have perfect hearing but the brain struggles to process the verbal information, especially in the presence of background noise. CAPD presents in a similar way to other conditions, such as ADHD. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis. There is no cure for CAPD, however proper management improves outcomes for the child. If the condition is not diagnosed and managed, the child may fall behind in critical skills, such as reading and writing. During the diagnostic process, the audiologist conducts an auditory processing test which takes between 45 and 90 minutes, and tests the child’s ability to hear speech in a variety of different background noise situations. Some of the strategies for managing CAPD involve making adjustments to the work environment, ensuring the child has a quiet space in which to work, one-on-one teaching strategies and potentially FM systems, roger pens and also amendments to the classroom acoustics.

Some of the signs of CAPD are:

  • Difficulty following instructions, especially in the presence of background noise.
  • Easily distracted or upset in noisy environments, such as a classroom.
  • Poor concentration, often linked to poor behaviour.
  • Poor academic performance at school.
  • Lower than average literacy skills.
  • Difficulty remembering spoken information.

Our Audiologist can test for child for CAPD. Usually children are tested between the ages 7-12. If you think your child may have either a hearing issue or something impeding their learning, a CAPD test is recommended. Early detection of the condition may assist your child to receive full benefit and enjoyment from their education. The audiologist provides a written assessment of the CAPD test results to teachers, GPs, and parents along with management strategies for the child. The cost of the CAPD assessment is $180.