Eye Wear




We are an independent optometry clinic; we have no associations with any particular brand of lenses. We use a variety of lenses from a range of manufacturers, including Australian owned and made lenses and well known international brands. We help you choose the right lens for you and we are able to fit the most advanced lenses. A perfectly-fitted lens takes into account your lifestyle, your head tilt and the wrap of your frame. The key to choosing the right type of lens is to first understand your needs and then selecting a lens which will suit your lifestyle. For example, people who spend a lot of time on computers can benefit from specialised computer lenses (office lenses). We use office lenses for people who have trouble with multifocals and reading glasses but spend time large amounts of time at a computer. We have also found people who work with two screens or who need to switch between distances benefit from these lenses.

Many of our patients have multifocals. Multifocal lenses are excellent for people who have a varied lifestyle, and who need assistance for reading and seeing at different distances. Multifocals do take some adjustment time and we find most patients are able to successfully adjust to multifocal lenses in a short period of time. Multifocal lenses vary greatly depending on the quality and brand. We have had success fitting people who struggle wearing multifocals by using a different brand. We cut all our lenses “in-house” at our cutting lab at Camberwell. This assists us to maintain high quality lenses and also significantly reduces turnaround time.

Sunglasses and Frames


We stock a range of locally manufactured  and imported frames. One of our optometrists attends the European optical fair in France which ensures we have a range of designer frames not found anywhere else in Australia. Our optical dispensers are experienced at assisting people find the right frame for them, taking into account head shape, face shape, comfort and complexion. We make suggestions on frames that will suit our patients and often people find a frame they love and may not have chosen on their own.


Sunglasses are important to reduce the UV exposure to your eye which can stimulate cataract development. The main lenses we use are conventional sunglass lenses and polarised lenses which are excellent for fishing, water sports and driving. There are also drivesafe lenses for people who do a lot of driving. These lenses are suitable for long distance drivers and adapt well to varying light conditions.

Frame brands

Some of the fashion brands we stock at Smith Eye and Ear Solutions are: Gucci, Lafont, Dolce and Gabbana, Tiffany, Kate Spade, Burberry, Vogue, Prada, Ronit Furst, Brendan O’ Keefe, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Silhouette, Vera Wang, Xavier Garcia, Oroton.